Motivating Those Around You

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The people around us, influence us. Which is why it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals but that doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on your friends and family that aren’t currently as ambitious as yourself. It’s important to have motivated people around you because they’ll keep you focused and successful.

Motivating other people can be difficult and it’s important not to force anyone to do or be anything. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can remain successful and goal-oriented, while motivating others around you.

Be the example

You have to set the pace for the group of people around you. The main thing you need to do is learn to say no. By saying no to certain things, you are saying yes to other things. Start small by saying yes to your goals one day out of the week instead of spending time having mindless fun with your friends.

Be the Mentor

Learn your friends goals and dreams, and share resources with them. If you take an interest in what they want to accomplish in their lifetime then they’ll become more focused on achieving it. Do not force change on your friends but simply offer your help and resources every now and then. Even simply letting them know that you read something or met someone the other day that had a similar interest will increase their awareness of their situation and where they want to go.


Be the Downer

No one likes to miss out on a night of fun or a weekend of shenanigans but if you’re going to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams you have to be okay with not doing everything your friends do. Start by identifying the activities that your group of friends take part in that hold you back from your goals, that impair or delay you from making the future you want for yourself. This goes right along with being the example because you’re actively showing your friends that you’re satisfied with what you have now, and you’re going to get more and be more in life.


Hopefully, these tips help you motivate your friends and family around you. The people we surround ourselves with dictate our future in many ways. If you can’t motivate the people around you then go out and meet the like-minded people you need for support and guidance. A great resource would be Meetup.com. Go out and meet the people who will increase your value and help you get what you’re worth.

“If someone isn’t making you stronger, they’re making you weaker.” – Tim Ferriss


How to be a More Productive Person

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If you have goals in your life that you’re not meeting, it’s easy to blame it on limited time or resources but let’s get real for a minute.

Most of the time, we have the time and we have the resources but we don’t put it all to good use! Here are 8 keys to become a more productive person.


1: Early Mornings

Every successful person knows that sleeping in is the best way to stunt your development and miss out on future opportunities. Do you know why morning people are disliked? Because they get things done, live healthier lives and feel more fulfilled. When you wake up early and don’t hit that snooze button you have more time for other things like exercising, reading or working on your craft. No matter what your goals may be, any extra time you squeeze into your mornings will make a huge difference!.


2: Be Clean and Tidy

The way you act reflects the way you live. If you’re living in a mess, you’ll be a mess! Organize your bedroom, apartment house, your car, and everything! When you live in a clean and tidy space you feel accomplished and happier. A byproduct of feeling happier and more organized is confidence, which leads to personal progress and growth. Keep control of your immediate environment and keep control of your life.


3: Have Fun

Doesn’t sound too hard right? In fact, it sounds like the most reasonable thing you could think of when looking to improve your life. Being all work and no fun can make a person more easily discouraged and overwhelmed. Use some of that extra time you have from early mornings to have fun on the weekends but don’t get carried away.


4: Surround yourself with Winners!

Spend your social and professional time with people who have aspirations of their own and are doing something about it. Additionally, if you’re interested in improving your life and making moves to do so then people will be more supportive and helpful.


5: Be Able to Receive

Don’t think of success as a solo gig. Even Frodo had Sam to help him along the way and watch his back. The only way people get to where they are is by accepting help from others. Allow yourself to be open to suggestions, assistance, favors, and criticism. Collaboration is key to being successful!


6: Be Well-Rounded

You cannot focus on just one part of your life to improve. Actively look to improve yourself mentally, socially and physically. Go out and socialize, read, write, exercise, try new things, eat healthier and pick up new interests. Do all that you can and don’t get caught up in focusing all your time in just one area of life.


7: Employ Others

This goes hand and hand with being able to receive because this takes in one step further. You need to go out and find the people who can help you and ask for their help. Regardless of popular belief, people like being asked favors. It gives them purpose and a sense of being needed, while giving you the means to succeed.


8: Do the Little Things

The “little things” encompasses all the things you take for granted, all those things you feel couldn’t possibly make too much of a difference. Read a chapter of a new book instead of watching TV, spend an hour exercising instead of playing a videogame, or take some time to network instead of going to hang out with friends. The little choices you make and actions you take are what make the difference between accomplish your goals and failing, between winning and losing.

These are our keys to becoming more successful and achieving goals. I hope you’re ready to go out and start right now because you’re running out of time and you’re only getting worse if you’re not improving. Now, go do something.


Welcome to NoBalance Productions

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Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website and blog. You can check back here each week to read about our newest projects, events, charity work, as well as writings about various topics.

Who We Are

We are young entrepreneurs, rare members of the millennial generation that have turned our personal interest of film and video production into a business. We are natives of Portlandia and love the vibrance of the city and the continuing growth of the Portland market over the last decade. We are film enthusiasts, as well as professional media creators. The NB founders are movie buffs, comic book nerds and leaders.

What We Do

We bring eyes to your business. NoBalance Productions’ goal is to collaborate with our clients on creating a marketable and imaginative video that improves or reestablishes their brand. We specialize in improving media marketing for small to medium sized businesses, as well as providing creative content.

What Makes NoBalance Productions Different

We pride ourselves on being knowledgable content creators, that is to say that we are frequently beating on our craft to improve our work. We compete in film competitions to keep ourselves sharp and we frequently produce our short films and collaborate with other artists. We are imaginative millennials that provide flexible planning and solutions. We are not only creators but we’re also business savvy professionals.

Thanks again for visiting the website, if there are any questions you have for us feel free to contact us.

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