Motivating Those Around You

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The people around us, influence us. Which is why it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals but that doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on your friends and family that aren’t currently as ambitious as yourself. It’s important to have motivated people around you because they’ll keep you focused and successful.

Motivating other people can be difficult and it’s important not to force anyone to do or be anything. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can remain successful and goal-oriented, while motivating others around you.

Be the example

You have to set the pace for the group of people around you. The main thing you need to do is learn to say no. By saying no to certain things, you are saying yes to other things. Start small by saying yes to your goals one day out of the week instead of spending time having mindless fun with your friends.

Be the Mentor

Learn your friends goals and dreams, and share resources with them. If you take an interest in what they want to accomplish in their lifetime then they’ll become more focused on achieving it. Do not force change on your friends but simply offer your help and resources every now and then. Even simply letting them know that you read something or met someone the other day that had a similar interest will increase their awareness of their situation and where they want to go.


Be the Downer

No one likes to miss out on a night of fun or a weekend of shenanigans but if you’re going to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams you have to be okay with not doing everything your friends do. Start by identifying the activities that your group of friends take part in that hold you back from your goals, that impair or delay you from making the future you want for yourself. This goes right along with being the example because you’re actively showing your friends that you’re satisfied with what you have now, and you’re going to get more and be more in life.


Hopefully, these tips help you motivate your friends and family around you. The people we surround ourselves with dictate our future in many ways. If you can’t motivate the people around you then go out and meet the like-minded people you need for support and guidance. A great resource would be Meetup.com. Go out and meet the people who will increase your value and help you get what you’re worth.

“If someone isn’t making you stronger, they’re making you weaker.” – Tim Ferriss

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